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# Studies Color

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  1. The size of the rectangles in the treemap indicates the number of studies identified in the literature that have been undertaken to measure each area of the stewardship gap. The color indicates the number of studies articulating metrics that could be used for measurement. To find the specific studies referenced, see either the Measurement Studies Count or Metrics Studies Count page and click on the gap area of interest. For instance, the treemap indicates 11 measurement studies related to "Identifying what is valuable" (see the center rectangle). A list of these studies can be accessed from the Measurement Studies Count page.
  2. Gap areas identified in the literature for which no studies were found are represented nonetheless (e.g., "Lack of critical mass" under "Collaboration") to give a complete picture of what has been studied and not.
  3. Click on a heading in the treemap to zoom in. Click the "Go to Parent" button to return to the next higher zoom level.
  4. A data file is available for download referencing the literature sources the gaps were identified from, and the relationships between the gaps.