SP: Business and economic models

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Downs, R. R., & Chen R. S. (2013).  Towards Sustainable Stewardship of Digital Collections of Scientific Data. GSDI World Conference (GSDI 13) Proceedings. Described an experimental economic strategy being undertaken by Columbia University In the process of describing the model, reviewed a variety of business models and literature that discussed their benefits and drawbacks. Measurement, Metrics, Targeted
Ember, C., & Hanisch R. (2013).  Sustaining Domain Repositories for Digital Data. Explored the funding challenges faced by domain repositories in the United States Reviewed the different functions of domain repositories, the reuse of data stored in domain repositories, and the issues domain repositories face; reviewed different funding models for domain repositories and scored them based on several criteria Measurement, Metrics, Targeted
Fearon, D., Gunia B., Pralle B., Lake S., & Sallans A. (2013).  ARL Spec Kit 334: Research data management services. To assess early endeavors in research data services and benchmark future growth in ARL member libraries. Conducted a survey of ARL member libraries. 73 of 125 responded. Measurement, Wider
Berman, F., Lavoie B., Ayris P., G. Choudhury S., Cohen E., Courant P. N., et al. (2008).  Sustaining the Digital Investment: Issues and Challenges of Economically Sustainable Digital Preservation. 72. "To sample and understand best and current practices for digital preservation and access, and to begin to synthesize major themes and identify systemic challenges." Focused on two questions: How much does it cost? and Who should pay? Conducted a literature review and invited 16 speakers "representing a variety of domains and areas of expertise" to address five questions: 1) What is the nature of the materials being preserved; 2) Who are the stakeholders for these materials?; 3) What is the "value proposition" for this preservation effort?; 4) What are the key features of long-term preservation for these materials?; 5) What are the "economic aspects" of digital preservation? Measurement, Targeted
Wang, D., Strodl S., Kejser U. Bøgvad, Ferreira M., Borbinha J., Proença D., et al. (2015).  4C Project: From Costs to Business Models. Examined existing business models for digital curation from a business model canvas approach; outlined key aspects in terms of activity, customers, finance and unique selling points Evaluation was done primarily through review and analysis of literature and desk-based research on existing business models and initiatives Measurement, Metrics, Targeted
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