Knowledge: Infrastructure for stewardship

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Pampel, H., Vierkant P., Scholze F., Bertelmann R., Kindling M., Klump J., et al. (2013).  Making Research Data Repositories Visible: The Registry. PLoS ONE. 8(11), e78080. Investigated the global landscape of research data repositories; presented a typology of institutional, disciplinary; outlined the features of, and showed how this registry helps to identify appropriate repositories for storage and search of research data Analyzed 400 research data repositories and requested comments on a project website and various email lists on an appropriate vocabulary to describe and present information (such as policies, responsibilities, and technical and quality standards for different repositories); analyzed criteria for repository certification and audit and developed a low barrier of entry to inclusion in in the repository registry. Measurement, Targeted
Bigagli, L., Sveinsdottir T., Wessels B., Smallwood R., Linde P., Tsoukala V., et al. (2014).  Infrastructural and technological challenges and potential solutions. Investigated infrastructural and technological barriers to Open Access and preservation of research data in Europe. This work was conducted within the EU FP7 funded project RECODE, which focuses on developing policy recommendations for Open Access to Research Data in Europe. In particular, this work is coordinated by RECODE Work Package 2 (WP2), Infrastructure and technology. It distinguishes between different categories of stakeholders in terms of how the experience and respond to these challenges Conducted desk research, an online survey, interviews, and a validation workshop Measurement, Metrics, Wider
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