Knowledge: Other: Benefits of Stewardship

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Fry, J., Lockyer S.., Oppenheim C.., Houghton J.W.., & Rasmussen B.. (2008).  Identifying benefits arising from the curation and open sharing of research data produced within UK Higher Education and research institutes: exploring costs and benefits. Investigated the benefits of the curation and open sharing of research data and the development of a methodology and model for estimating the benefits of data curation and sharing in UK higher education Performed a literature review to provide illustrative examples of reuse and the views of stakeholders in various disciplines towards data curation and sharing; conducted two case studies to identify and illustrate benefits and costs in these areas Measurement, Metrics, Wider
Beagrie, N., Lavoie B., & Woollard M. (2010).  Keeping Research Data Safe 2. Continued the work of Beagrie et al. 2008 to develop a cost model for digital preservation Updated the previous literature review; conducted a cost survey; developed a taxonomy of the benefits of digital preservation; analyzed national and disciplinary digital archives that have existing historic cost information for preservation of digital research data collections and interacted with additional digital archives and research universities to determine the validity of developed cost model and how the cost model might be used Measurement, Metrics, Targeted
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