HR: Lack of skills

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Brown, S., Bruce R., & Kernohan D. (2015).  Directions for Research Data Management in UK Universities. Investigated development needed in five key areas related to research data management: policy development and implementation; skills and capabilities; infrastructure and interoperability, incentives for researchers and support stakeholders, business case and sustainability Drew on selected recent publications, stakeholder interviews, the outcomes of a JISC Research at Risk consultation, and a two day workshop Metrics, Targeted
CirrinnĂ , C., Fernie K., & Lunghi M. (2013).  Digital Curator Vocational Education Europe (DigCurV): Final report and Conference Proceedings. DigCurV Project: Sought to understand the need for training in the cultural sector for long-term management of digital collections and establish a curriculum framework for vocational education in digital curation Conducted an online survey (receiving more than 450 responses from 44 countries) of stakeholders on training needs in digital preservation and curation; conducted focus groups and workshops in project partner countries; analyzed job advertisements from the UK, Germany, USA, New Zealand, and Australia. Note: the project included a final conference where a number of papers relevant to skills were delivered. Measurement, Metrics, Targeted
Hank, C., Tibbo H. R., & Lee C. A. (2010).  DigCCurr I Final Report, 2006-09. DigCCurr Project: Sought to develop an openly accessible, graduate-level curricular framework, course modules, and experiential and enrichment components and exemplars necessary to prepare students to work in the 21st century environment of trusted digital and data repositories. About DigCCurr I: Reviewed and analyzed relevant literature, syllabi, job advertisements, workshops, standards, tools, services, and research projects; conducted interviews with advisory board members; conducted an paper-based and an online survey, held two symposia on digital curation Measurement, Metrics, Targeted
Lee, C. A., & Tibbo H. R. (2012).  Preparing for Digital Curation Governance: Educating Stewards of Public Information. 171 - 174. 2 projects (ESOPI and ESOPI2) undertaken to redesign and enhanced a dual degree program that was earlier developed by the University of North Carolina’s School of Information and Library Science (SILS) and School of Government (SOG) Performed a comprehensive literature review of information and library science and public administration masters-level programs; conducted interviews with project advisory board members and, public sector information experts; conducted a focus group study of current and alumni Fellows from the project. Measurement, Metrics, Targeted
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