Directions for Research Data Management in UK Universities

TitleDirections for Research Data Management in UK Universities
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBrown, S., Bruce R., & Kernohan D.
Keywordsgap_evidence, gap_relationships, sg_data_appraisal, sg_data_definition, sg_data_economics, sg_data_infrastructure, sg_data_policy, sg_data_skills, sg_data_survey

This report addresses five key topics:
- Policy development and implementation
- Skills and capability
- Infrastructure and interoperability
- Incentives for researchers and support stakeholders
- Business case and sustainability


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Investigated development needed in five key areas related to research data management: policy development and implementation; skills and capabilities; infrastructure and interoperability, incentives for researchers and support stakeholders, business case and sustainability
Drew on selected recent publications, stakeholder interviews, the outcomes of a JISC Research at Risk consultation, and a two day workshop