Economic Impact Evaluation of the Economic and Social Data Service

TitleEconomic Impact Evaluation of the Economic and Social Data Service
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBeagrie, N., & Houghton J.
Date Published2012///
Keywordssg_data_costs, sg_data_economics, sg_data_impact, sg_data_value

Gap Area Study Type:

Sought to (i) evaluate the economic benefits and impact of ESDS; and (ii) contribute to the further development of impact evaluation methods that can provide ESRC with robust estimates of the economic benefits of its data service infrastructure investments
Conducted (i) desk-based analysis of existing evaluation literature and reports, looking at both methods and findings; (ii) existing data from KRDS and other studies; (iii) existing management and internal data collected by ESRC and ESDS such as user statistics, internal reports, and the ESDS Mid-Term Review; and (iv) original data collection in the form of semi-structured interviews, case studies, and an online survey of ESDS users and depositors