Institutional barriers and good practice solutions

TitleInstitutional barriers and good practice solutions
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsNoorman, M., Kalaitzi V., Angelaki M., Tsoukala V., Linde P., Sveinsdottir T., Price L., & Wessels B.
Date Published2014/06//
InstitutionPolicy RECommendations for Open access to research Data in Europe (RECODE)
Keywordssg_data_funding, sg_data_policy, sg_data_quality


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Investigated challenges faced by institutions, such as archives, libraries, universities, data centres and funding bodies, in making open access to research data possible. This work was conducted within the EU FP7 funded project RECODE, which focuses on developing policy recommendations for Open Access to Research Data in Europe.
Conducted desk research, case study interviews, and a validation workshop