Data Curation in Arts and Media Research

TitleData Curation in Arts and Media Research
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsVerhaar, P., Mitova M., Rutten P., van der Weel A., Birnie F., Wagenaar A., & Gloerich J.
Series EditorNauta, G-J., Grim R., Tjalsma H., van Nispen A., & van der Kuil A.
Date Published2010///
Keywordsd1survey, sg_data_survey

This report, Data Curation in Arts and Media Research, presents the current state of data curation and data reuse practices within the fields of Comparative Arts, Art History and Media Studies. This report is written as part of the project Collectioneren van Data [Collecting Data], which is one of the work packages within the SURFshare programme 2007-2010, WP7: Data Curation and digital preservation.