Academic librarians and research data services: preparation and attitudes

TitleAcademic librarians and research data services: preparation and attitudes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsTenopir, C., Sandusky R., Allard S., & Birch B.
JournalIFLA Journal
Pagination70 - 78
Date Published2013/03/01/
ISBN Number1745-2651
Keywordslibrarians, libraries, sg_atwp, sg_data_libraries, sg_data_skills, sg_data_survey, survey

Research funding bodies recognize the importance of infrastructure and services to organize and preserve research data, and academic research libraries have been identified as locations in which to base these research data services (RDS). Research data services include data management planning, digital curation (selection, preservation, maintenance, and archiving), and metadata creation and conversion. We report the results of an empirical investigation into the RDS practices of librarians in US and Canadian academic research libraries, establishing a baseline of the engagement of librarians at this early stage of widespread service development. Specifically, this paper examines the opinions of the surveyed librarians regarding their preparedness to provide RDS (background, skills, and education), their attitudes regarding the importance of RDS for their libraries and institutions, and the factors that contribute to or inhibit librarian engagement in RDS.