Use of digital repositories by chemistry researchers: results of a survey.

TitleUse of digital repositories by chemistry researchers: results of a survey.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsPolydoratou, P.
JournalProgram: Electronic Library & Information Systems
Pagination386 - 399
Date Published2007///
Keywordsacademic, chemistry, computer, data-management, data-repositories, data-sharing, databases, digital, information, kingdom, libraries, metadata, network, operating, publishing, questionnaires, research, research-data, resources, scholarly, sharing, staff, survey, systems, united, work

Purpose - This paper aims to present findings from a survey that aimed to identify the issues around the use and linkage of source and output repositories and the chemistry researchers' expectations about their use. Design/methodology/approach - This survey was performed by means of an online questionnaire and structured interviews with academic and research staff in the field of chemistry. A total of 38 people took part in the online questionnaire survey and 17 participated in face-to-face interviews, accounting for 55 responses in total. Findings - Members of academic and research staff in chemistry from institutions in the UK were, in general, favourably disposed towards the idea of linking research data and published research outputs, believing that this facility would be either a significant advantage or useful for the research conducted in the domain. Further information about the nature of the research that they conduct, the type of data that they produce, the sharing and avail