Making Open Science A Reality

TitleMaking Open Science A Reality
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2015
Corporate AuthorsOrganization for Economic Co-operation and Development
Date Published2015///
Keywordsgap_evidence, gap_relationships, sg_data_definition, sg_data_policy, sg_data_publishing, sg_data_sharing, sg_ps

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Reviews the progress in OECD countries in making the results of publicly funded research, namely scientific publications and research data openly accessible to researchers and innovators alike. The report i) reviews the policy rationale behind open science and open data; ii) discusses and presents evidence on the impacts of policies to promote open science and open data; iii) explores the legal barriers and solutions to greater access to research data; iv) provides a description of the key actors involved in open science and their roles; and finally v) assesses progress in OECD and selected non-member countries based a survey of recent policy trends.