Data Curation: A Study of Researcher Practices and Needs

TitleData Curation: A Study of Researcher Practices and Needs
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMcLure, M., Level A., Cranston C., Oehlerts B., & Culbertson M.
Journalportal: Libraries and the Academy
Pagination139 - 164
Date Published2014///
Keywordsfocusgroups, interdisciplinary, libraries, sg_data_libraries, sg_data_survey

Gap Area Study Type:

Investigated (1) the nature of data sets that researchers create or maintain; (2) How participants manage their data; (3) Needs for support that the participants identify in relation to sharing, curating, and preserving their data; and (4) The feasibility of adapting the Purdue University Libraries’ Data Curation Profiles Toolkit1 interview protocol for use in focus groups with researchers
Conducted five focus groups with 31 faculty, research scientists, and research associates
Knowledge: Reuse: The survey asked about products of research, to which some gave information about how their products are used.