Mandating Sharing Journal Policies in the Natural Sciences

TitleMandating Sharing Journal Policies in the Natural Sciences
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsMcCain, K. W.
JournalScience Communication
Pagination403 - 431
Date Published1995/06/01/
ISBN Number1075-5470, 1552-8545
Keywordssg_data_policy, sg_journals

Of approximately 850 natural science, medical, and engineering journals, 132 have at least one policy statement in their “instructions to authors” concerning (1) deposition of sequence or structure data in a data bank before publication, (2) deposition or sharing of research materials upon request, and (3) the availability of supplementary publication services. Compliance enforcement mechanisms include refusal to publish without evidence of deposition and editor-author negotiation if research materials were denied. The enhanced “gatekeeper” role of these journals is a response to expressed concerns that research-related information continue to be available to the research community.

Short TitleScience Communication

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High-level Gap Areas:

Created an initial characterization of “research-related information” (RRI) types* and journal policies in the natural sciences and engineering * McCain includes physical research products and craft knowledge in this category, as well as raw data on which results are based.
Examined 850 recent journals in the physical and biological sciences and developed a three-part categorization of RRI policies and practices, including regarding sharing and deposit of data, and penalties for non-compliance.