4C Project: Evaluation of Cost Models and Needs & Gaps Analysis

Title4C Project: Evaluation of Cost Models and Needs & Gaps Analysis
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsKejser, U. Bøgvad, Johansen K. Hougaard E., Thirifays A., Nielsen A. Bo, Wang D., Strodl S., Miksa T., Davidson J., McCann P., Tjalsma H., & Stokes P.
Date Published2014/06/30/
Keywordssg_data_costs, sg_data_economics

Gap Area Study Type:

High-level Gap Areas:

4C Project: Analyzed research related to the economics of digital curation and cost and benefit modelling; investigated how well current models and tools meet stakeholders’ needs for calculating and comparing financial information; pointed out gaps to be bridged to increase the uptake of cost & benefit modelling and practices that will enable costing and comparison of the costs of alternative scenarios
Evaluated and compared ten current and emerging cost and benefit models; performed consultations (in the form of a questionnaire) with 4C project stakeholders; 296 contacts were made and 164 responded (55% response rate)