ARL Spec Kit 334: Research data management services

TitleARL Spec Kit 334: Research data management services
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsFearon, D., Gunia B., Pralle B., Lake S., & Sallans A.
Date Published2013///
InstitutionAssociation of Research Libraries
CityWashington, DC
ISBN Number9781594079023
Keywordsgap_evidence, gap_relationships, sg_data_libraries, sg_data_survey

This SPEC Kit surveys ARL member libraries on their activities related to access, management, and archiving of research data at their institutions. The survey explores the organization of research data management services (including a few questions on broader data support services), how they are staffed and funded, and what services they offer and to whom, among other questions.The SPEC Kit includes examples of research data policies, data retention policies, data management plan tools, job descriptions, data needs assessment tools, data archive web pages, and staff resources.


Gap Area Study Type:

To assess early endeavors in research data services and benchmark future growth in ARL member libraries.
Conducted a survey of ARL member libraries. 73 of 125 responded.