Measurements of Gap Areas

This page shows the number of measurement studies identified in the listed gap areas. Curation, Management, and Preservation is abbreviated as CMP.

High-level Measurement Gap Area Measurement Gap Areasort descending Count of Titles
CMP CMP: Difficulty establishing the trustworthiness of curated data 1
CMP CMP: Difficulty maintaining the integrity of data over time 1
CMP CMP: Difficulty managing data for reuse 14
CMP CMP: Fragmented data management 21
CMP CMP: Insufficient data curation or management 18
Collaboration Collab: Challenges forming partnerships 2
Collaboration Collab: Lack of collaboration 3
Commitment Commit: Extent of commitment 1
Commitment Commit: Lack of commitment 1
Culture Culture: Data definition 1
Culture Culture: Demand for data 1
Culture Culture: Evaluation of quality 5
Culture Culture: Identifying what is valuable 11
Culture Culture: Intellectual Property 1
Culture Culture: Research and development culture 6
Culture Culture: Sharing attitudes and practices 45
Culture Culture: Standards 8
Culture Culture: Stewardship priority 2
Discovery Disc: Discovery 7
Funding Funding: Lack of funding 12
Human Resources HR: Lack of people 5
Human Resources HR: Lack of skills 19
Human Resources HR: Lack of support for data management 10
Human Resources HR: Uneven distribution of skills 2
Infrastructure and Tools IT: Difficulty meeting generalized and special needs 2
Infrastructure and Tools IT: Lack of infrastructure 19
Infrastructure and Tools IT: Lack of tools 16
Knowledge Knowledge: Amount of data 27
Knowledge Knowledge: Challenges of enabling data reuse 1
Knowledge Knowledge: Costs of stewardship 14
Knowledge Knowledge: How to preserve 1
Knowledge Knowledge: Infrastructure for stewardship 2
Knowledge Knowledge: Where to deposit data 2
Legal and Policy LP: Deficiencies that inhibit stewardship, access, and use 10
Legal and Policy LP: Incentives that support stewardship, access, and use 5
Legal and Policy LP: Institutional structures and pressures 6
Legal and Policy LP: Lack of consistency and alignment 11
Responsibility Resp: Conduct stewardship activities 9
Responsibility Resp: Coordinate stewardship activities 1
Responsibility Resp: Support stewardship activities 1
Reuse Reuse: Reuse 26
Sharing and Access SA: Sharing and Access 34
Sustainability Planning SP: Business and economic models 5
Sustainability Planning SP: Design and staffing of organizations 3
Sustainability Planning SP: Dynamic and adaptable infrastructure 4
Sustainability Planning SP: Lack of strategy and planning 4